Award Winning Garage Builder.
Mercer's Best Built Garages design and build garages to meet the needs of our clients.
From car parking, added storage space, mechanical workshop to a hobby shop. Mercer's
Best Built Garages is your garage building provider. We offer roof systems built for
functionality and style, these range from common, attic, light storage and hoist capable.

Mercer's Best Built Garages offers value added options that extends the usability of your
garage, from wiring, insulation, drywall, in-floor heating prepared and hoist ready
concrete pad.

If you are looking for a large garage, we offer in-house engineering and all required
documentation. Mercer's Best Built Garages manages everything from permit to clean up.
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153 Candlewood Drive, Porters Lake, NS
Ph: 902.482.4767
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